The company was established in 2016, specializing in hydroponic cultivation of tomatoes, and using foreign seeds, local cultivation, and the use of Dutch system, and we have our own greenhouse in Yuen Long. We holds the concept of "green environmental protection, cherish the earth" and sustainable cultivation, and hopes to educate the next generation to understand the method and trend of modern cultivation, and increase students' interest in planting and the fun of discovering through learning. In order to open up new thinking about planting and develop new planting methods. Hydroponics is a modern planting method. During the planting process, students can learn about "science" through how nutrients control and affect plant growth. Learn about "technology" using sensors and artificial intelligence. The production and supply and demand of agricultural products learn "Economy". Crop production and labor control know the "math". Let students experience new elements of modern agriculture.

Li - Putonghua Instructor

Zhan - Putonghua Instructor

Peng - Putonghua Instructor

Chau - Putonghua Instructor

Putonghua Instructor

Xu - Putonghua Instructor

Chen - Putonghua Instructor

Lv - Putonghua Instructor

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